Growing purpose & competitive advantage

Soulful Advantage is a strategic consultancy at the intersection of purpose and profit. We help businesses expand social impact, increase support and improve competitive advantage.

When business is a force for good, it’s also good for business.

Profit, shareholder return and product innovation are no longer the only measures of corporate success. People want to invest in, buy from, partner with and work for organizations they believe in.  They need to feel – and experience –  a meaningful personal connection reflecting their own values.

 Creating a just, nurturing workplace, improving sustainability, helping communities and making the world a better place positively impacts business loyalty, support and financial success.  It also increases competitive advantage.

Triple Bottom Line. People. Planet. Profit.

We help business broaden purpose and communicate this soulful advantage.

It’s what we’re all about.

Workplace culture

The foundational, strategic element that creates lasting business success

Community Engagement & philanthropy

The impactful connection created when an organization becomes a compassionate corporate citizen


Caring for the planet by  supporting Sustainable Development Goals

forging an emotional connection

@ the intersection of profit and purpose

Establishing a more meaningful, personal connection is the catalyst behind Soulful Advantage.

People will get behind (and stay behind) a product, service, brand and cause when they instinctively sense, understand and appreciate (head and heart) the benefit.

Ongoing research over the past two decades has consistently – and statistically – validated how people prefer engaging with brands – and working for companies – making the world a better place.

Shaping an authentic, purposeful culture benefits all. Hiring and retention is improved. The planet is healthier. People get the help they need. Businesses gain differentiation and competitive advantage.


 A proven way

Soulful Advantage’s three-step methodology forges more purposeful impact and improves competitive advantage.

Discover soul

Listening is one of our strong suits. We ask a lot of questions, internally and externally. We evaluate and assess your organization’s purpose as well as the ecosystem within which it operates.  We discover sources of meaningful value that exist (or could exist) for your brand, product, service or cause. The obvious, forgotten and overlooked. This insight reveals new opportunities for more organizational soul.

Develop soul

Soulfully armed, we build a strategic framework that considers what is and isn’t being done today and what could and should happen tomorrow. We design authentic initiatives that enhance and complement your organization’s values and mission. Measurable plans and outcomes are put in place. Specific timeframes and actions are designed.

Express & evaluate soul

With soulful strategy and tactics in hand, we help move targeted programs and activities forward in an organized, thoughtful way. This framework is integrated across all appropriate marketing and communications initiatives, stakeholders and channels. On a consistent basis, we help evaluate the success of planned outcomes.

A sharper edge

Why we do what we do

Strategic reasons people engage us include:

Expand Triple Bottom Line impact (position the business more purposefully)

Open more wallets (increase financial support)

Build a movement (create an emotional connection)

Improve workplace culture and loyalty

Create meaningful value in a parity marketplace

Create more impactful differentiation

Deepen community engagement

Boost brand preference (broaden customer base)

shaping soulful advantage

Examples of soulful services

Services include:

Discovery audits identifying current purposeful practices and new opportunities

Authentically connecting businesses with synergistic social causes, to mutual benefit

Corporate social responsibility planning

Competitive & market ecosystem evaluations

Developing enhanced value signals supporting purposeful behavior

Strategic messaging, positioning and differentiation

Integrating purpose within marketing strategy (across all appropriate functions, stakeholders and channels)

Forging Values, Mission, Vision

Qualitative & quantitative research

B Corp analysis and preparation

Targeted audience identification and enhancement

Issues, topics & trends alignment

Outcome based ROI measurement

Third party validation

what people say about us:

As a founder and entrepreneur, I wanted to reposition my company to create an authentic connection with prospects, partners and customers, rooted in sustainability innovation and benefits.  We also needed to credibly improve visibility, increase corporate value and achieve an even higher level of financial success.  Andy worked closely with us to discover, develop and express our differentiated value in an authentic way. The resulting SageGlass customer value difference – built around sustainability – came through loud and clear. We were ultimately acquired in a highly successful transaction with a Fortune 200 company that continues to closely fit our vision.

John Van Dine

Founder, SageGlass

Acquired by Saint Gobain, a Fortune 200 company

We’re a fast growing 501c3 with close ties to over 500 leading colleges and universities as well as corporations, high schools and NHL and NBA professional sports teams. We compete with many other veterans focused causes that initially sound alike, but aren’t. Motivating consumers to ‘make a purchase with a purpose’ and getting them emotionally engaged is the key to OHT becoming a national movement. Andy has helped me think strategically about purpose, making our difference crystal clear, expressing our cause more personally, and meaningfully, to consumers.

Dot Sheehan

Founder, Operation Hat Trick

It’s a significant challenge to create a singular identity for a public institution. Andy worked closely with us to develop and express our authentic vision and differentiation. This positively impacted our strategic planning and distinctiveness.

Joan Leitzel

President Emerita, University of New Hampshire

“There’s so much hype out there. Competition can make any claim and customers increasingly can’t tell the difference. While we’ve been in business over a decade and are a successful, global software company, our purpose wasn’t clear. Soulful Advantage worked very closely with us to discover, validate and create a meaningful position with more heart. This triggered an authentic emotional connection with key audiences and clear differentiation that didn’t previously exist. What they did ended up being very material to our business success.”

Glenn Ricketts

CEO, Active Docs

The soul of a company

helping organizations shape, grow and communicate authentic, purposeful brands

  • As a purpose-centered strategist, Andre partners with founders, executives and nonprofit leaders to authentically improve workplace and marketplace social impact.
  • Across three decades as an entrepreneur, he measurably increased purpose, credibility, belief, support and valuation for hundreds of Beaupre & Co. clients within technology, B2B, education and nonprofit sectors. More than 30 were acquired, representing a cumulative value exceeding $16 billion.
  • Beaupre & Co. was acquired by Brodeur Partners and Omnicom, Inc., a New York Stock Exchange traded Fortune 500 company. At Brodeur, he provided strategic purpose-driven counsel to nonprofits as well as technology and global consumer companies.
  • In 2017, he founded Soulful Advantage, a strategic consultancy at the intersection of purpose and profit. The firm helps businesses expand social impact, increase support and authentically improve competitive advantage. Soulful Advantage collaborates with B2B and B2C companies, as well as B Corp and Ashoka leaders, for-profit social enterprises, 501c3s and nonprofits.
  • Personal social cause passions include sustainability; reducing food insecurity; improving the lives of service members and veterans; advocating for children and youth; and supporting entrepreneurs in developing nations. Andre’s Board experience includes the University of New Hampshire Sustainability Institute Advisory Board; NH Hunger Solutions; Granite State Children’s Alliance; Operation Hat Trick; NH Kids Count and the University of New Hampshire Foundation. Earned third party results validation includes Engage For Good ( HALO cause marketing, as well as Silver Anvils, Super Bells, SABRE and Bronze Anvils.

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