The Purposeful Nine and Soulful Advantage

The Purposeful Nine and Soulful Advantage

For corporate leaders driven to catalyze more purpose within their companies, comes an inspirational new book from purpose consultant Andre Beaupre.

The Purposeful Nine and Soulful Advantage tells the stories of nine inspiring, purposeful businesses and for-profit social enterprises authentically committed to – and benefitting from – a strategy of making the world a better place.

Each story comes alive through the perspective of the founders, CEOs and sustainability leaders who reveal why they became more purposeful, what they did and how it created competitive advantage.

By sharing first-person stories from the leaders who made purpose happen, this book inspires a wider array of organizations to begin – or broaden – their impact.

Praise for The Purposeful Nine and Soulful Advantage

“B corporations are a new kind of business that balance purpose and profit. This community of leaders – now numbering over 4,000 – is driving a global movement of people using business as a force for good. The inspirational leaders and engaging stories in The Purposeful Nine and Soulful Advantage represent the essence of B Corps because they are stakeholder driven, always considering the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, community, suppliers and environment. This book is a recommended read for business leaders focused on taking corporate purpose to an even higher level.”
-Bart Houlahan
Co-Founder and Co-CEO, B Lab

“Unlike the majority of books focused on large consumer companies and well known brands – think Ben & Jerry’s, Microsoft, TOMS, Stonyfield Farm, Patagonia, Timberland, IKEA, Cisco, LEGO, HP, Disney, Target, Starbucks, Unilever, IKEA, Salesforce, Google – The Purposeful Nine and Soulful Advantage spotlights a fresh, diverse group of successful organizations that have been authentically purposeful for decades.”
-Gary Hirshberg
Founder and CE-Yo, Stonyfield Farm

“The Purposeful Nine prove how purpose is clearly linked to financial success and long term competitive advantage. This book will help shape the way business leaders contribute solutions to some of our planet’s most intractable challenges.”
-Fiona Wilson
Deputy Chief Sustainability Officer, University of New Hampshire and Director UNH Sustainability Institute

“These compelling narratives represent a standout contribution to the literature of stakeholder capitalism and will provide a powerful beacon and foundation to an entirely new generation of purposeful leaders.”
-Mike Grandinetti
Faculty at Harvard, Brown, Rutgers and UC Berkeley Engineering Professional Leadership Program

“Positive change in an organization, or more broadly in the world, inevitably starts with a vision or idea in the hands of a committed champion. It all grows from there. This book will not only remind you of what’s possible for your organization, it will also empower you to bring to life your own vision for better business.”
-Atlanta Mcilwraith
Director, Global Community Engagement, Timberland


 The P9 have been making the world a better place for decades. They embarked on their socially conscious journeys when it wasn’t popular or expected. They didn’t do it to increase visibility or gain public acclaim. They did it because it was the right thing to do.


This book is brimming with ideas and examples that will inform and inspire you to reach that goal.


The Purposeful Nine aren’t flawless. None have a magic formula. They’ve all learned the value of authentic commitment and continuous improvement. Take a leap, experiment, make mistakes, try, do your best, tweak, keep perfecting, don’t give up.

This pragmatic storytelling book comes alive through the first-person perspective

of nine founders and leaders who share why they became purposeful, what their companies did and how it created remarkable competitive advantage.

About the author

Entrepreneur, author and communications strategist Andre Beaupre has worked closely with hundreds of founders and C-suite leaders of B2B companies, venture-backed startups, and privately held corporations, helping them increase purpose, credibility, and valuation. In 2017, he co-founded Soulful Advantage, a strategic consultancy at the intersection of purpose and profit. We help businesses expand social impact, increase stakeholder support, gain competitive advantage, and meaningfully communicate purpose.

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